10 Quirky Ideas to Make Your Queer Wedding Stand Out

No matter how many times we watch well-meaning men utterly misjudge what their fiancé’s want on Don’t tell the Bride, by the end of the programme the women always seem to be over the moon, regardless of what their now-husbands have put them through. This could be down to them just being happy they’re married – this could be them just being happy it’s over. At Best Man though, we think it’s got a little something to do with their weddings being, even haphazardly,  a unique affair. No-one wants a bland (or worse, un-memorable) event, and even the most die-hard traditionalists will vouch for some kind of quirky entrée or brazen attire. We’re sure you, too, are looking for a way to ensure your wedding will live long in the memories of those in attendance. Here’s a few ideas that you can utilise to stand-out from the monotonous marriage-milieu.

Rainbow Centerpieces

While it’s an obvious choice, a rainbow themed centerpiece just makes sense. Using a selection of vibrantly-coloured flowers will add a little prismatic flair to each table, while still allowing space for those on opposite sides to talk freely. You can even go a step further, and opt for dyed flowers, so you end up with different hues for each petal: these also make for fantastic buttonhole alternatives. For those of you wanting to get a little arts-and-craftsy, stained glass vases bursting with the seven colours of the rainbow make for a great way to house the flowers, or even work as standalone art pieces. For an easier alternative (one that doesn’t involve soldering molten metal) just go wild on some basic vases with glitter. This method is also perfect for couples on a budget; and sure, it’s adding to the cliché, but on the other hand, it’s glitter.

Streamline Ceremony Seating

While it would be chaotic to go without a meticulous seating plan for the reception (you’d be mad not to try and keep your overly-flirtatious Aunt May away from that groomsman), for the ceremony it’s a viable option. In a traditional affair, guests are separated by whether they’re friends and family of the bride or the groom. But who wants to segregate, anyway? Put a sign by the door telling the guests it’s all about coming together, and to sit on whichever side they like.

Make an Alternative Guest Book

A guest book doesn’t have to be dozens of counts of generic well-wishing from your invitees. Instead, get a piece of high quality A3 paper, and print a bare tree outline on it (stylised or plain, the choice is yours) and have a selection of coloured ink palettes placed in a line for your guests to press their thumbs into. Then, each can choose a colour and add a thumbprint ‘leaf’ to the tree. The final effect is a flourishing, visually stunning piece of art that immediately represents everyone who attended, in a work that’s unique to your wedding. Plus, it’s fun for everyone to get involved in, and will definitely create a buzz.

Have a Cupcake Creativity Contest

This is a great way to inject some humour into proceedings, as well as entertaining any younger guests (although any left unsupervised could lead to colourful disaster). Have a few trays of plain cupcakes set out, along with everything they’ll need to design a mouth-watering masterpiece. This can be as elaborate as your imagination, or budget, allows: a dozen colours of icing, chocolate stars, those little silver balls that no-one knows what they are, you name it. You can even put some polaroid cameras at the end of the table by a pin-up board to create a competitive vibe, or to at least allow proud guests to show off their work.

Custom Cake Toppers

While the big decisions will be rushing you off your feet, it’s the small ones that enable you to add that personal touch that makes a wedding memorable. A custom cake topper allows you as a couple to shine atop something that every guest will see. A groom+groom topper might make sense for a gay wedding, but you don’t even have to bring gender into play. Go quirky with it – letters, robots, gnomes – this is your opportunity to really bring something different to your proceedings in a fun way that means something to you.

…and of course, a Custom Cake

Everyone wants their cake to look special from the outside, but what about arranging to have rainbow layers to make the inside just as majestic? This way, the custom of cutting the cake only gets more exciting as it goes on, and everyone will love the effect and thought that’s gone into the idea.

Bored of the Bouquet?

While flowers are a mainstay of the traditional wedding, the whole point is that we’re doing things a little differently. While it may not be something you’ve thought about, the bouquet actually has a surprising amount of alternatives to consider, and is another way to inject some personality. At it’s core, the bouquet is simply something to carry with you down the aisle, so branch out a little. Sheet music can be rolled up to be styled like roses, for example, if you want to stick to some floral ties. For an outdoor wedding, you could carry a wind-chime (though perhaps avoid throwing this at the end of the ceremony). For a summer wedding, one of those large antique fans gives things an exotic feel, although a vintage parasol would also perform this function. Vitally, both help you keep cool. For an evening ceremony, nothing is more romantic than a lantern, and one doesn’t have to look further than Ikea for a suitable choice. You could even carry balloons!

Let Guests Describe the Two of You with a Dictionary

This requires next to no overseeing or expense on your part, and is another way to add a bit of fun. Have a dictionary on a table and a set of felt-tip pens, and let guests go through and highlight words that they think describe you or your partner. Tell them they have the freedom to write on the pages as they please, and add some post-it notes so that you can find the pages they’ve written on. You’ll quickly end up with a book full of anecdotes and memories that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.

Why Let Kids Have All the Fun?

Now really think about it – what is stopping you from having a bouncy castle? Maybe flirty Aunt May’s somehow-outworn hips might be a barrier for her entry, but otherwise, this is a zinger of an addition that people will really get a kick out of. Make sure you get one that’s definitely sized for adults, and have a mat just outside for shoes.

Now that you’re hooked on the idea of a bouncy castle, I raise you this: a ball pit. Because, seriously, why not? It’s your day. You deserve it.

Light up the Sky

Have a colourful send off to the evening by letting you and your guests release multi-coloured paper lanterns into the night sky. Personalise the event further by having everyone inscribe little messages into them. What really makes this special comes from not making it all about you; let everyone reflect on their own love stories, all while still celebrating yours. This will go down a treat with everyone, and don’t be surprised to see a few tears staining the lanterns as they rise to nestle among the stars.