The Best suit to wear on your wedding day

It is the most important and memorable days you will ever have and you want to look you best and quite rightly so. But where do you go to get that all important suit?

You can either go to the high street to buy your suit, where there are many designer and luxury brands. Or you can have a bespoke suit made just for your big day. Whichever method you chose we have a guide to help you look your best on your big day.

High Street

The most favoured places to buy a wedding suit on the high street would be the much loved British department stores such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

John Lewis

If you are looking for a designer name, then look no further than John Lewis. The department store stock some of the biggest designer names such as Calvin Klein, Ted Baker and Hugo Boss.

One of the greatest fears when looking for a suit on the high street is the fit. However, if given the correct help you can walk out with a suit that could rival a bespoke one.

Isabelle Scott a Menswear Brand Advisor at John Lewis best tip when looking for a high street suit would be, “If you are going to be spending a sizable amount on a suit, don’t necessarily go for what’s on trend. At the moment, it’s all about the skinny blue suit. But that isn’t going to suit everyone. A classic cut is timeless and will be well worth the investment.”

Reiss Quayle Check Three Piece Suit: £495

Prices range from around £200 to £500 for a two-piece suit at John Lewis.

Marks and Spencer

Unlike John Lewis, Marks and Spencer do not stock designer suits. However, they do still pride themselves on quality. With suits ranging from the budget conscious £99 to the luxury range which can go up to £399, there is something for everyone.

At Best Man the M&S collections we really feel are more than worthy of being part of you big day are the M&S Collection Luxury and the Savile Row Inspired collection.

One of the key tips when looking within these collections for your big day is the fit. Annette McKernan a Menswear Sales Advisor at Marks and Spencer says, “Staff are always here to help, and I would highly recommend getting measured by one of our suit advisors to get the perfect fit.”


MS suit
Savile Row Inspired Collection- Navy tailored fit three piece suit: £388



If you decide that you want to have a bespoke suit made, one of the obvious places to go for a luxury bespoke suit would be the world famous street; Savile Row.


Kilgour (5 Savile Row) prides itself on the house style of their signature single-breasted one-button charcoal grey flannel model or a houndstooth three-piece into a bespoke suit that is truly unique to each of their clients. As they give them the freedom to create exactly what the client desires, even down to the smallest detail.
At the initial appointment a full set of measurements are taken and choices of cloth and design details are made. Before the suit is finished you will have two to three more fittings.
To get the most out of this bespoke service Kilgour sales consultant, Andrew Skillen gives his top tip, “Have a clear vision in your mind pre-appointment of the occasions and climate that you will be mostly using the suit in to ensure that you are guided towards the correct weave and weight of fabric which will then perform best for you.”

If you’re having a suit made by Kilgour, one tailor will oversee the entire process. This involves 80 hours of work and several specialist craftsmen, from the taking of your measurements to the thousands of stitches required to construct the chest. The entire process takes six to eight weeks, depending on how busy the studio is. So this cannot be a last minute purchase for your wedding!


Kilgour Suit

Their “off the peg” range starts from £1,100 in which you can have alterations.
Fully bespoke suit making service starts from £4,950






Featured Image: Anthony Sinclair suit