Where can we get married?

Where are you thinking of getting married? It’s an important question that a lot of couples may disagree on. Some may want the distant paradise of the Caribbean; with the sun, sea and sand just on your doorstep, while your significant other may want to stay in the comforts and surroundings they’re familiar with alongside being with family. Either way, it’s good to at least scratch some names off what can be a seemingly endless list. Of course some countries are obvious favourites in the eyes of future newlyweds, but some countries aren’t as accommodating to same sex couples as in England or even the U.S.

If you’re a person that loves the feel of hot weather, computer wallpaper beaches and cocktails on tap then the first thought of getting married in a foreign country would be the Caribbean. It’s a setting you see in all the series of Real Housewives, or that perfect rom-com. However you may need to cross it off the list of perfect wedding destinations as a large amount of countries and islands from the tropical paradises of the Caribbean have not legalised same sex marriage.

These are the countries in South America that have not legalised same sex marriage:

 Antigua & Barbuda

 Barbados

 Belize

 Dominica

 Grenada

 Guyana

 Jamaica

 St Kitts & Nevis

 St Lucia

 St Vincent & the Grenadines

 Trinidad & Tobago

There are many other popular countries for newlyweds that also don’t allow gay marriage:

 Singapore

 Sri Lanka

 Morocco

 Egypt

 Cook Islands

  Indonesia (Aceh Province and South Sumatra)

 Kirbati

 Nauru

 Papua New Guinea

 Samoa

 Solomon Islands

 Tonga

 Tuvalu

That seems like a long and disheartening list, especially if you’d always dreamed of a sunset on the beaches of Barbados. However, it’s also important to note that the majority of the world does allow same sex marriage.

Even Russia, with its anti gay propaganda law, allows same sex couples to be wed. Popular destinations like France, Italy, America, Spain, etc are all beautiful locations with stunning backdrops as well as churches for you and your partner to get married in.

It’s also worth mentioning that the countries listed above may not be so accommodating to same sex couples post-marriage, i.e. on your honeymoon. Though the same thing applies with finding somewhere to get married, there are thousands of locations that can fulfil any desire you and your partner want. Especially  within the UK, in places such as the Lake District or even a city location like London or Manchester.

In conclusion, don’t get your heart set on a location you eventually can’t get married in. Look locally and then spread further afield. However keep an eye on what countries do legalise same sex marriage as the list is ever changing.