Should you invite unsupportive family members?

wedding invite copyrightThat age old dilemma of who to invite to your wedding with an added twist. 

It is crunch time and you and your Fiancé have finally got the venue and a date for your big day. So, now for one of the hardest bits of wedding planning- who to invite.

For many heterosexual couples this is a lengthy process, with keeping into consideration numbers at your venue and ensuring that distant relative that your mum wants you to invite is there.

However, for same sex couples it is complicated further. You need to consider if the guests that you are inviting are supportive of your relationship and your commitment to one another. If the answer is no, you really need to consider if that person in worth inviting.

After all it is your big day and it should be a joyous one, that is a celebration of the two of you and your declaration of love.